It’s the Most Exciting News in Music & Radio in Decades – the Launch of RadioBobby, Created by Legendary Award-Winning Music Radio Program Director Bob Linden

Prior to hosting talk show “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden” for the past 16 years, Bob was a renowned Program Director at radio stations around the country, taking them “from worst to first” practically overnight by attracting huge audiences with his unique and creative multi-genre approach to music, a song-by-song sound unavailable anywhere else. Now, everyone everywhere will be able to listen.

Bob is grateful for this new opportunity to bring happiness to many lives. With RadioBobby, he promises “the music experience of a lifetime”.

A Billboard Magazine award winner who was regular front-page news in industry-publication “Radio & Records”, and whose exploits have been documented everywhere from the CBS Evening News to the New York Times and CNN to the Washington Post, Bob was Program Director at terrestrial radio stations including Jazzy 100 / WJZE Washington DC, CD-101 / WQCD New York, KIFM San Diego, The Sound / KNUA Seattle, Love 94 / WWWL Miami, KKLZ Las Vegas, Star 106 / KESI San Antonio, 94-Q / WQXI Atlanta, Z-92 / KEZO Omaha, WNND Raleigh, and KXFM Santa Maria.

That was then, when only people in those communities could enjoy Bob’s music stations. Now is now, and RadioBobby will be available for anyone to enjoy… with lots of awesome music and artists people will recognize, and lots of amazing music and artists that will be exciting new discoveries for listeners… Bob’s programming has always been a welcome alternative to research and consultant driven corporate radio. In a job interview long ago, the president of a broadcasting company was shocked to learn that Bob made music decisions – based on actually listening to music – an unheard of rarity in the industry, for sure.

You can be a part of the excitement and make it all happen. RadioBobby will be a project of 501(c)3 Go Vegan Radio. Among our expenses will be monthly music licensing / publishing fees like ASCAP, BMI, Sound Exchange. Donations in support of RadioBobby are greatly appreciated at:


We are also actively seeking Sponsors…

We have to start somewhere. RadioBobby starts with no listeners. That was pretty much the situation whenever Bob accepted a job at a radio station. It is very exciting building something from nothing. For example, when Bob was hired as Program Director for Jazzy 100 in Washington DC by United Broadcasting, the station had been a financial disaster for 40 years. Within 6 months, management was carrying Bob around on its shoulders, celebrating “breaking even” for the first time ever, and shortly after that, the Washington Post wrote “Jazzy 100 became a money machine after Linden took over…”, as ratings and revenues exploded. People listened all day and all night. They joined us in our community service projects – from presenting concerts where the price of admission was a blanket for the homeless, to a towel collection drive for oil-soaked otters in Alaska, from fighting the construction of a local nuclear waste dump, to establishing a citywide office recycling program.

Listeners also appreciated the sponsors and advertisers, grateful to them for enabling a very special connection. we believe that same appreciation will swell for the Founding Sponsors of RadioBobby for their role in creating this very positive platform.

Of course, advertising rates for our Founding Sponsors reflect our seedling stage as we prepare to blossom and grow…

Back in the 70’s when Bob was starting in radio, really low advertising rates were labeled “a dollar a holler”… We’re starting again – and so we literally offer…

RadioBobby “Dollar-A-Holler” Introductory Rates for a limited number of Founding Sponsors… who receive 6 60-second announcements every day for a year – that’s 2,160 commercial announcements for a total of $2,160, literally – “a dollar a holler”. Your spot will also run in our weekly talk program “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden”. Plus, sponsors receive a website banner ad and appreciation noted in Facebook, Twitter.

Happily, out of respect for our audience and its health, and for animals and the planet – all commercial announcements on RadioBobby will be limited to VEGAN and cruelty-free products and / or services, that is: no animal-derived ingredients, and no animal testing.

News and lifestyle features on RadioBobby will focus on education and advocacy to positively impact animals, human health, the environment, and to promote peace and non-violence.

We are thrilled to offer you this opportunity for involvement, and sincerely appreciate the role you are playing in making this happen.

—Bob Linden